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2009 NFL Season Pics

With an impressive 2 minutes of excitement with this past weeks´s action packed game with the Steelers via the referees, the season has began with a bang along with the free agents available now.

With so many players now available and them having misused their teams, more of these players will be moving shortly.

Dallas, having Roy Williams and Terrell Owens, were important for Dallas over the past 3 seasons. It appears that Dallas is not worried as they have now signed a couple of charge agents, such as Jon Kitna.

The Jets have also done a couple of moves during the off-season. They signed Bart Scott as a linebacker and Jim Leonhard.

The Redskins also have Jason Taylor with a reported 6 year, twenty three million dollar salary.

College Football FAQ´s

Is Florida unstoppable? They are the favorites to succeed their 2nd state title and their 3rd in four years. Georgia lost both Knowshon Moreno and Matthew Stafford to the NFL, while Tennessee is now in renovation mode and supervising Lane Kiffin.

With this, the Gators should be able to breeze by their SEC East games.

Heisman time!

With two Heisman trophy winners still in the running for 2009, Florida´s Texas Colt McCoy, Oklahoma´s Sam Bradfort and Tim Tebow are returning for another chance.

This is going to be one the highest hipped Heisman races ever, with very strong contenders on the podium

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