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The most popular sports to bet on are football and basketball but baseball is one of the most fun and the easiest for beginners. Historically, gambling was reserved for bookmaking shops but over the past decade online gambling websites have hustled their way to center stage and made gambling accessible to anyone with a computer and a credit card.

Baseball is a very skilful, entertaining and a fast-paced game, and placing bets on the outcome of a game or a season have proved to be very popular with bettors from around the world. The only drawback for online bettors was finding the most attractive odds and trustworthy bookmakers who honor their bets.

Baseball is also easy to bet on because there are games played virtually every day of the six-month season with each team playing 162 games. Usually you bet only on who wins the game, with no point spreads involved, but as you’ll see below that is not always the case.

It’s now possible to place a bet on any Major League Baseball game. Whether you are a Boston Red Sox fan, or a die hard fan of the New York Yankees. Major League Baseball betting is very easy to understand, and it’s for this reason that it has now become one of the most popular forms of professional sports betting today.

One of the most attractive betting types for baseball is run lines, which is the baseball equivalent to point spread bets in the NFL. This style of bet handicaps the favorites by a run or two (depending on your choice), so if you think the favorites will win the game by two runs or more, you can receive better odds in exchange for the underdogs receiving a two run start. This is also a great option for betting on the underdogs, because they will have a two run start, even though their odds will be slightly shortened.

The easiest way to explain how the money line works with baseball betting is to show you a straightforward example. If there is a game being played between say the Florida Marlins and the Chicago Cubs, you may see odds offered something like this: Marlins +130, Cubs -120. In this example the Cubs are the favorite, whilst the Marlins are the underdogs. If you wanted to bet on the Cubs to win, then a $100 bet would return you a $20 win.

Another favorite bet for baseball bettors is a parley accumulator wager, where you can bet on multiple games with a relatively small stake and watch your money ride onto the next game. All your bets have to win in order for you to be eligible to collect some winnings. This method of betting is popular, because you can win a large amount of money from a small bet. Punters who have a good knowledge of baseball will stand a fairly good chance to win a lot of money.

Unlike other forms of sports betting, such as the National Football League or the National Hockey League, there is absolutely no spread betting involved. When betting on a baseball game, all the bettor needs to understand is the concept of how the money line works. Spread betting however involves predicting not only who will win or lose the game, but by how much, known as the margin. Baseball betting is entirely different and does not involve the use of any spread betting or predicting margins, but simply placing a bet on your baseball team to win. Different odds are then given to both the favorite and the underdog baseball team.

This information provides a good summary of the basics you need to bet on baseball, America’s pastime.

Sportsbook reviews

  • Bovada
  • Sportsbook.com
  • Players Only
  • Intertops
  • Centrebet
  • Jazz Sports
  • Bookmaker.com
  • Sports Interaction
  • Sportbet
  • Diamond Sports (DSI)
  • 5 Dimes
  • Betfair
  • Paddy Power


Bovada BONUS: Unlimited yes
24/7 Internet and Phone Wagering
Live Betting
Available in 4 Languages

Choosing Bovada to bet on baseball means you get a betting site that is both user friendly and reliable. Not only are these basics covered, you also get exceptional customer service, promotions and bonuses that really make it pay to play. Sign up for the loyalty rewards program and collect Bovada points.

Read more Bovada Play now at Bovada


Sportsbook.com BONUS: $250 yes
Biggest Sportsbook in the World
Huge promos and contests
Excellent Stats tool called “Statfox”

Sportsbook.com allows you to bet on baseball (MLB), in fact, all the MLB lines. You can also place MLB futures and MLB proposition bets which give you great odds. Not only that every baseball game gives a wide selection of various prop bets for you to choose from right up until hit off.

Read more Sportsbook.com Play now at Sportsbook.com

Players Only

Players Only BONUS: $250 yes
Excellent Bet Variety
Live stats and scores updated every 2 minutes
Casino and Poker Available

The Players Only baseball betting card makes placing bets very simple indeed with clearly laid out prices and odds with match ups available to check the stats before you place your bet. With competitive odds and good sign up bonuses Players Only is a great online sportsbook to bet on baseball.

Read more Players Only Play now at Players Only


Intertops BONUS: $100
Cash Bonus Program
Poker and Casino Available
Wager on Stock market, Politics, Entertainment

You can bet on a number of sports through Intertops online casino, including Baseball. Baseball is well represented and you can bet on matches in major as well as minor leagues. Bettors can bet in a variety of ways such as home team win and a road team win

Read more Intertops Play now at Intertops


Centrebet BONUS: £20 no
Great Odds
No Minimum Deposit
Poker and Casino Available

Major League Baseball MLB betting accounts for the bulk of the baseball betting odds that Centrebet offers to its account holders who enjoy the United States of America’s favourite sport. Thirty teams, 14 from the American League and 16 from National League, compete under the MLB banner currently.

Read more Centrebet Play now at Centrebet

Jazz Sports

Jazz Sports BONUS: $500 yes
Online for 12 Years
Real Time Odds
Wager on Casino, Racebook and Poker

One of the better Sportsbooks for Major League Baseball is Jazzsports. Apart from taking privacy and security very seriously they offer future wagering, rolling if bets, straight bets and money lines. Whether it be major league, bets for standings or World Series, Jazzsports is where people come for the best odds available.

Read more Jazz Sports Play now at Jazz Sports


Bookmaker.com BONUS: $500 yes
Backed by CRIS Group
24/7/365 Support via email/live chat or toll free
Wager on Politics and Entertainment

Baseball betting at BookMaker sportsbook is extremely easy to do with simple filter systems to choose your game and place your bet. Bet on baseball at BookMaker.com and you will also be earning points for their reward program which can give you free access to professional statistics.

Read more Bookmaker.com Play now at Bookmaker.com

Sports Interaction

Sports Interaction BONUS: 100% $125 no
24 Hour Customer Service
Live Betting
Poker, Casino and Racebook

Baseball betting is extremely popular at Sports Interaction with intuitive controls for placing bets on baseball. For Sports Interaction players, baseball betting includes props on individual players and teams as well as the usual moneylines, runlines and totals. We also regularly run great promotions for baseball betting at Sports Interaction.

Read more Sports Interaction Play now at Sports Interaction


Sportbet BONUS: $500 yes
Proprietary Software
No download Flash Version
Suitable for Mac Users

You can bet on baseball at sportbet with complete confidence in their software. It is easy to select your bets and with a baseball betting card that lets you place more than one bet at once it is very quick to put your money down. They also offer great future bets and parlays, teasers and other options.

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Diamond Sports (DSI)

Diamond Sports (DSI) BONUS: $500 yes
DSI Mobile Betting Software
Dime Lines in Baseball Action
Fantastic Loyalty Program

Baseball betting is one of the most popular betting types in the world with bets available on almost any conceivable outcome. Diamond Sportsbook International offers all the props as well as moneylines, totals and runlines you could hope for from any well respected and established online sportsbook.

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5 Dimes

5 Dimes BONUS: $200 yes
ASI Software
Great Prizes
Own Social Network

5Dimes are one of the few sportsbooks to cover little league baseball betting as well as the MLB. They offer live in-play baseball betting. You can also bet on baseball futures and with their easy to use betting card making placing multiple baseball bets at once extremely easy.

Read more 5 Dimes Play now at 5 Dimes


Betfair BONUS: £20 Free Bet + Upto £1000 Cashback no
The world`s leading betting exchange
Live Betting
Wide Range of Betting Options

Betfair allow you to bet on baseball games both in the MLB and the Japanese NPB. If you enjoy baseball betting and know your stuff you can find great value at Betfair on its betting exchange. With great coverage of all major baseball betting markets you will never be short of a baseball bet to make.

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Paddy Power

Paddy Power BONUS: £10 no
Live Sports Betting console
Mobile Betting: Java, Android, iPad, iTouch & iPhone
Best Odds GTD on all UK and Irish horse-racing

Paddy Power.com offers a wide range of betting markets for Major League Baseball including Match Betting, Total Runs and Handicap Betting. Fancy the Boston Red Sox to win the American League East? Paddy Power not only offers outright betting for the World Series but also each division in the American and National League

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