Professor Sportsbook

10 Commandments of Sports Betting

  1. Have several betting accounts to search for value
  2. Always be informed, knowledge is power
  3. Never bet on your own team
  4. Not every day is a betting day – pick your spots
  5. Have a staking plan to control your urges
  6. Never (ever) chase losses
  7. Follow your sportsbooks on social media sites (they have specials)
  8. Avoid adding big favourites to parlays/accumulators
  9. Don’t get tempted by casino games
  10. Enjoy it!

Beginning Betting

If you know your sport then the chances are you can make some decent money from the world of sports betting. We are here to make sure you maximise your profits and helping you on your way.

With so many sports betting websites out there you can find odds on every possible area of sporting activity and there are so many different bets available: straight betting, parlays, totals and money lines are just some of the options available to discerning bettors.

One of the best tips for those who wish to boost their winnings is simple – know your sport! It might sound obvious, but the more sport you watch the greater knowledge you will build up, and this knowledge often proves to be the difference between a big win or a loss. Knowing your sport will reduce the risk and avoid you throwing money at crazy bets.

Mr Sportsbook will be with you to guide you through the main sports that are popular with the top online Sportsbooks, but also the current odds and strategies to help you make the most of your online Sportsbook accounts.

We will be introducing new concepts and ways of betting throughout this site but if you ever have any questions then please feel free to contact us on Facebook or Twitter and we will do our best to answer you.