Dash For Cash NASCAR Competition at Sportsbook with $5,000 Prize Pool

Friday 2nd November until Sunday 4th November is a Dash for Cash special weekend promotion for the AMP Energy 500. Customers who correctly predict the top 3 winners will receive $1000 into their account 48 hours after the race has finished.

To enter, customers should register for an account by visiting www.sportsbook.com then visit the Dash for Cash promotions link. From this page customers can then make their prediction via the online form provided.

The competition will then run every week until the end of the NASCAR season. The three sportsbook members who predict the correct top 3 winners will each be given a cash prize.

In addition to the weekend competitions, customers can participate in the season long competition. Those with the most points at the end will receive prizes.

The customer in first place will win $2,500, second place will win $1,500 and third $1,000. If more than one customer has the same number of points the prize will be shared.

Points will be awarded as follows:


For every first place winning prediction that is correct, 3 points are rewarded.

For each second place prediction correct, 2 points will be allocated.

Third place predictions that are correct will receive 1 point.

Each bet placed must be a minimum of $10.00 in order to be eligible to participate in the competition.

Should customers need assistance they can contact customer services at cashier@sportbook.com.

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