MrSportsbook Needs Your Votes has been nominated for the prestigious gong of Best Newcomer at the iGB Awards which is pretty big news in our world. All of our hard work has got us to this point but now we really need your help.

The nomination has come as something of a shock to us as we didn’t know we were being put forward for the Award. As such we haven’t worked out a way to thank all those who vote for us if we win. If you take a screenshot after voting and then post it on our Facebook wall we will find a way to thank everybody who voted for us whether it is free bets with online sportsbooks a competition of some kind we will find a way!

If you like and would like to help us out then please vote for MrSportsbook as

The Best Newcomer: Affiliate

Vote MrSportsbook
By clicking this link: I’m supporting MrSportsbook and will vote for him in the iGB Awards

Once at the iGB Awards website you will see several categories and we don’t mind if you leave the others blank just please vote for in the Best Newcomer: Affiliate category.

We appreciate your time in helping us with this and it would be a fantastic reward for all the people who have worked very hard on this site and helped transform it into a sports website that offers much more than sportsbook reviews and sportsbook promotions.

MrSportsbook would like to thank all those who have made a huge effort in getting the site this far and nominated for this great award so enormous thanks goes to absolutely everyone involved.

Please take the time to vote for MrSportsbook!

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