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Hockey Betting Washington Capitals

For hockey betting fans out there we have an update from online sportsbook Bodog with a Washington Capitals Midseason Report. Bodog may not have your vested interests at heart but any information is useful. Analysing a match from a sportsbook’s perspective can be very useful in helping you understand their lines:

Grading the Washington Capitals’ midseason report is as tough as it gets. For a while, the Caps looked like the NHL’s best team; then they looked like its worst. Despite the season not going as planned, though, Washington has 9/1 odds to win the Stanley Cup.

Washington (27-14-9) was recently passed by Tampa Bay for the Southeast Division lead. That was unthinkable heading into December, when the Capitals were 18-6-2 and riding a four-game winning streak.

Then, everything hit the fan. The Caps lost eight consecutive games, a tailspin that was largely documented on the HBO series 24/7: Penguins Capitals. For a while it looked like Washington might never get back on track. And while Washington did finally end the losing streak, it may not have completely snapped out of its funk. The club is playing decent hockey but is far from the dominant squad we’ve watched over the past two years.

Shockingly, the problem has been scoring. Washington has become renowned for its high-octane offense, but it ranks just 14th in goals per game this season. Alexander Ovechkin is having a good season, but far below his lofty standards. The Russian has just 51 points in 50 games and, even stranger, is on pace for just 31 goals. Currently, the worse mark in Ovie’s impressive career is 46 goals.

There’s all kinds of speculation as to what’s wrong with Ovechkin — he’s playing with less ferocity since being suspended, he’s saving himself for the playoffs — but the one certainty is that Washington needs more from him.

And, as usual, the Capitals are trying to find an answer in net. Rookie Braden Holtby is the third goalie to start for Washington this season, and the team appears to be giving him a real hard look. Holtby has started three straight games since being recalled from the minors, allowing just one goal in each.

It’s been an odd year for the Capitals. Many expected them to be a serious Stanley Cup contender and, according to the odds, they still are. But there are tons of holes to fill and answers to be found. So far, the season has been a disappointment — but most teams would love to be 27-14-9 and be disappointed, wouldn’t they?

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