Online Bingo Prizes Increased for 80 Days, the leading online bingo and sportsbet operator has announced that over the next eighty days, it will give its players an amazing additional one million pounds in cash prizes from its Bingo Linx games. usually plays two Bingo Linx games daily with a total prize fund of five hundred thousand pounds. However, for this limited time period, player’s prize money will double from now until the end of the year!

Currently, during the 6 0’clock game in the UK, if you are the winner of the Bingo Linx game, you would normally take home around £2,500. Now if you win, you could potentially take home £5,000. Also, in the second game of the evening held at 10.30pm UK time, the winnings are doubled from £4,000 to an incredible £8,000!

If this is not enough, is also adding a bumper prize of £20,000. On the last Sunday of every month, during both the 6pm and the 10.30pm UK time Bingo Linx games, will offer a huge £20,000 prize to the winners of these game!

To be in with a chance of winning a share of the pool, you can win either one or two lines or a full house on any of the two Bingo Linx games played that evening. When a player wins £500 on the current game, they will now receive an additional £500. All prizes are paid within 48 hours.

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