The Weekend Where Nothing Happened

The Lost Weekend

It was a desperate weekend for sports fans. Many were seen wandering aimlessly around shopping centres, philosophically questioning their existence, ‘International Weekend Syndrome’ to use the correct medical term.

On Sunday afternoon a small crowd gathered around a Samsung LED TV set in a branch of Currys after someone believed they had caught a glimpse of Tranmere v Stevenage on Sky Sports 2. Most were wary not to get sucked in to the games trance at the disapproval of wives and girlfriends, but some were indoctrinated from the first goal-mouth scramble.

What followed was a series of scrapes on a dodgy pitch, a well placed free kick and a basic lack of drama that is often football’s default setting beneath the froth.

The game finished 3-1 to home side Tranmere and those awoken from their ‘trance’ were left questioning where the last 90 minutes of their lives had just gone.

Later on Sunday evening the dissipated football masses were neurotic, sitting around in their pants wandering whether to back over 2.5 goals in the Brazilian Paulista A league tie between Ituano and Oeste, which coincidently featured a floodlight failure, a synecdoche for the failure of a weekend the football fixtures had provided.

But with Monday comes hope, a meaningful England international in Montenegro is just a day away, which will hopefully spark some intriguing analysis in the back pages of newspapers rather than the recycled and blown out of proportion gunk that’s dominated a barren weekend.

Just don’t mention the summer of 2013 before a vaccine for ‘Sportless Summer Syndrome’ is widely available.

Vettel put the pedal to the metal

There appears to be a civil war erupting at Red Bull after Sebastian Vettel disobeyed team orders and overtook team mate Mark Webber to take first position in Sunday’s Malaysian Grand Prix.

Webber was leading with 10 laps to go with Vettel in second and both drivers were told to power down their engines and hold position.

Webber is said to be ‘not satisfied’ with Vettel’s actions and although there’s a three week break until the next race in Shanghai, Webber stated:

‘There were a lot of things in my mind in the last 15 laps of the grand prix, to be honest, so whether the medicine is enough we will see.’

Vettel has since apologised but his actions will divide opinion: a mark of sheer arrogance or of a Champion who wants to win at all costs?

With Vettel’s main title rival Fernando Alonso out of the race the temptation of the extra seven points between second and first were likely too much to resist.

Vettel may come to rue his decision later in the season, especially if Webber is feeling less than generous about letting his teammate pass during his late season challenge for the Championship.

Elsewhere, Lewis Hamilton managed to perform the Formula 1 equivalent of accidently calling your Ex-girlfriend through his untimely visit to McLaren:

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