Western Conference Playoff Picture Tight As Ever

For hockey betting fans out there we have an update from online sportsbook Bodog on the Western Conference Playoff Picture. Bodog may not have your vested interests at heart but any information is useful. Analysing a match from a sportsbook’s perspective can be very useful in helping you understand their lines:

A single point separates the sixth-place team in the Western Conference from the 10th, meaning that that final three playoff spots in the toughest of the two NHL conferences are just as up for grabs as they’ve ever been. The five teams vying for said spots share few similarities, as they range from the reigning champion Chicago Blackhawks to the upstart Dallas Stars and veteran Calgary Flames.

Of the five contenders, the Blackhawks have the best chances of going all the way, with 16/1 odds of winning the Stanley Cup.

Currently in poll position for the sixth seed at 39-25-8, Chicago has 86 points in just 72 games. They have 10 more opportunities to protect their lead before the end of the regular season, but they may have to do so without injured star Patrick Sharp. The Hawks are joined by Nashville who has a similar point total but in an additional game. The Predators will have the opportunity to strengthen their grip on a spot with a win against the Edmonton Oilers tonight.

The Predators are currently listed as -260 favorites over the lowly Oilers. Bet on the NHL with Bodog.

Tied for the eighth and final playoff spot in the West are Anaheim and Dallas, Pacific Division rivals. With a 40-27-5 mark in 72 games, the Ducks are equalled in points by Dallas but not in wins. The Stars boast a 38-25-9 record on the year.

Trailing in the standings, but not in heart are the Calgary Flames, who, with Jarome Iginla and Miikka Kiprusoff, have the experience to pull through in the post-season. In order to turn heads this spring, however, they’ll have to take care of business at the end of the regular season. They have 85 points in the race to the playoffs, but in 75 games, meaning they have considerably less opportunities to claim more points.

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